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cerascreen ® - Company overview


Cerascreen is a start-up in the digital health and diagnostics industry, providing food intolerance and allergy as well as other medical self-tests tests through eCommerce and Online Marketing channels but also pharmacies and health practitioners, enabling customers to perform a medical self-test at home or on-the-go. All test results are accompanied by personalised online follow-up health assessment and analysis.

Since starting back in 2012, cerascreen ® has developed a wide range of medical self-tests to not only detect food intolerances and allergies but also measure hormone, vitamin and mineral levels. cerascreen ® pursues a holistic approach to personalised health - starting with easy-to-use blood, saliva, urine or breathing gas tests to evaluate existing symptoms or analyse different biomarkers - followed by a detailed interpretation of the customer’s test results as well as a comprehensive health assessment and analysis - in order to provide personalised recommendations and individualised supplements.

The cerascreen ® concept is based on the long-standing experience of and close collaboration with DST-Human Diagnostics (Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH, Schwerin, Germany), the leading manufacturer and provider of allergens and laboratory diagnostics services in Europe, together with the support and advice of other health experts.

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Allergies and intolerances


After receiving the blood sample, the human diagnostics laboratory performs a comprehensive IgE and IgG4 screening. In addition to the actual test results, a detailed explanation of the results and other individual health recommendations are being provided.

cerascreen ® is committed to provide continuing support for our customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our qualified cerascreen ® dietitians, nutritionists and biologists by phone or via e-mail. For a comprehensive consultation and individually adjusted dietary recommendations, customers can utilise a telephone coaching session.

The advantages of cerascreen® tests:

       • Time saving                               

       • Easy to carry out at home

       • Painless sampling     

       • Maximum protection of patient data

       • Analysis in specialist laboratory                

       • Receive results in just a few days

       • Interpretation and clear explanation of the test results

       • Personal consultation

In addition to the Food Reaction Test for intolerances and allergies, cerascreen® offers a wide range of other allergy test kits: milk and egg allergy tests, nut allergy test, house dust allergy test, latex allergy test and animal hair allergy test.


Histamine intolerance test