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As a pioneer and undisputed leader of the European market in gluten-free products, the Dr. Schär Group has built up a huge range of traditional and frozen gluten-free products that are highly regarded, innovative and safe, offering flavour, variety and quality. With over 120 products, Schär is the strongest brand of the Dr. Schär Group. Schär works closely with experts, to offer sufferers not only a wide range of glutenfree products, but also consultation and services to make life easier for those affected. For further information visit: 

Gluten Sensitivity


The symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity can be very different from person to person, and can often be very unspecific; stomachaches, bloating, nausea, diarrhea and migranes. While Coeliac Disease and Wheat-Allergy are well researched, a new type of gluten-intolerance is being researched: Gluten Sensitivity. Unfortunately there is no concrete diagnosis possible just yet, however Coeliac Disease and a Wheat-Allergy must be disqualified by a medical professional. It has not yet been identified how common Gluten Sensitivity is, but experts assume that Gluten Sensitivity is more common that Coeliac Disease. Studies with concrete figures still cease to exist.


Background Coeliac Disease 


Coeliac condition is a permanent intolerance of the immune system to a sticky protein substance: gluten. Coeliacs cannot eat foods made using cereals such as wheat, rye and barley, which in turn contain gluten. Ingesting these ingredients causes an anomalous immune reaction in the small intestine, leading to chronic inflammation that causes malabsorption of important nutrients, resulting in malnutrition and decompensation. The only possible prevention of symptoms of Coeliac Disease is through a completely glutenfree diet.